Student:  He was the best teacher I have ever met.  He has helped us all in ways that made us want to learn and accomplish things we thought we never could!

Student:  If it was not for Mr. Harrison, I don't think I would be in school anymore.  He made school fun and made learning the topics in class fun also.

Student:  Mr. Harrison always made learning exciting.  He was ALWAYS able to help, and answered all of your questions immediately.  He was ALWAYS fair and motivated hundreds of students to get their work done.  He actually made me want to learn, and go beyond what the lesson required.

Student:  Mr. Harrison had patience with me.  He kept telling me. "It's okay, you'll get it girl."  He told me to keep going and motivated me.  He was always so nice and telling me I could do it.

Parent:  Mr. Harrison has been a teacher who has done what it takes to make sure his students have a positive experience and learn as much as they can from him.