We have been involved in online learning since 1998. We have seen the good, the bad and the ugly so we understand the need for quality courses. We have seen the changes in online instructional strategies and have designed our courses around innovative and engaging 21st century instructional practices. Our goal is to make learning fun and allow students to be imaginative.

PHILOSOPHY: We believe that education should: 

  • Provide anytime/anywhere flexibility 
  • Fit the student not the other way around 
  • Provide options for coursework 
  • Make use of technology 
  • Allow the learner to go beyond what is required 
  • Prepare students for post-secondary and/or career opportunities

EXPERIENCE: We have facilitated or written courses for Colorado Online Learning, PBS TeacherLine, Kaplan K-12, KC Distance Learning, Kaplan Virtual Education, Insight Schools of Colorado and National Geographic's JASON Project. We have worked in a counseling capacity in a "regular" high school so we know what is required of students. We have worked for some of the major for-profit online course providers so we know what NOT to do!

EDUCATION: Our program coordinator and lead facilitator, Ron Harrison, holds a Masters in Online Teaching and Learning and is certified in Colorado in Business and Social Studies.

Visit our other educational services site: www.hsstudentsuccess.com

Contact us at 719.849.1187 or e-mail contactus@hsonlinelearning.com